Is Silicone Bad For Hair

There are several different types of silicone some of which are less common and some of which are less harmful. Simply put silicones make dry and damaged hair appear healthy.

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Is silicone bad for hair. They have a bad reputation for making natural hair dry by blocking moisture. This can be an issue as it can actually make your hair dry in addition to causing unwanted build-up. According to the International Journal of Trichology dimethicone which is the most widely use silicone in the beauty industry is known for protecting the hair shaft from abrasive actions and can even bulk up the density of hair strands meaning that while damaging in some ways it can prevent against breakage and promote fuller-looking hair to a certain extent.

In the case of hair this barrier keeps hairs inner hydration in but keeps humidity and moisture from the air out which results in limited frizz and an overall smoothe slick appearance. It is believed by many that silicones are a safe material and do not cause any side effects to your health. If silicones can make hair smooth and shiny then what is the harm in using them.

Most silicones are not water soluble and it causes build up that will weigh the hair down also known as the bad silicones I took a moment to research the good bad and the worst silicones. Silicone isnt a toxic chemical. And because theyre heat-resistant silicones also form a protective barrier.

Her response was YES. You might have heard that silicones or cones are bad for your hair causing damage and you should avoid all products with any ingredients ending in cone. But this is halfway the case with dimethicone.

Is silicone bad for hair. They help soften your hair giving it a silky smooth type feel by adding slip and making it shinier. SILICONES ARENT NECESSARILY BAD.

Although this synthetic compound makes your hair soft and shiny something that many ladies crave for it also damages it permanently without you even knowing. Silicones can also prevent hair strands from snagging and tangling. The softener for the hair has gotten a bad name for a good reason.

They arent as bad for your hair as everyone makes them out to be. Ideally a product with silicone like a styling oil should be the final step after nutrients are applied shares Lane. So theyve gotten a bad rap.

Most of them are also hydrophobic which means theyre not soluble in water. Silicone in hair care Like in skin care silicone forms a barrier around the hair follicle. Butters and protein results in moisturized hair and so do silicones.

There are three key types of silicones. But just like everything else in life moderation is key. Now you must be wondering.

These are the water-repellant silicones. Hydration is essential for curly hair. When it comes to silicones the truth is pretty simple.

The only thing it can affect is the strength and appearance of. Theyre especially beneficial if you have dry curly andor frizzy hair as they help smooth the hair shaft seal the cuticle and prevent it from absorbing humidity. But not all silicones are the same.

When googling what not to use on your natural hair silicones definitely made the top ten. In fact its completely safe to apply to your hair and wont harm your physical health in any way. While silicones get put on blast for locking out moisture and nutrients from the hair cuticle thats only a bad thing if youre using products meant to penetrate the hair cuticle after applying a product with silicone in it.

If you have coarse curly or frizz-prone hair silicones can tame unruly strands into smooth submission. We are going to tell you what you need to know about cones and why you might or might not want to avoid them. Silicones have garnered a rep as water repellant and drying to the hair and for curly people thats a big no no.

The second type of hair silicone is less harmful to the hair and is easily rinsed with water. Why do curly girls avoid silicones. AND THEY CERTAINLY ARENT THE ONLY INGREDIENT THAT BUILDS UP ON HAIR.

They are blamed for causing buildup on the hair and irritating the scalp. There are water-insoluble silicones ie those that are harder to rinse and stick to the hair and the hair becomes heavier than them. If you look carefully on the ingredient list when you buy hair product you will find out silicone appears more then often.

The barrier helps hair from being damaged by heat styling tools like curling irons wands and flat irons but just like silicones are great for hair they also have a downside. Several kinds of silicones non-water soluble create buildup on the hair strands and scalp when not washed regularly. Although certain silicones have their benefits like making the hair easier to detangle and sealing in moisture most are not water soluble.

This can be a blessing or a curse. Besides the components its the buildup that can be a concern. Shampoos and conditioners formulated with silicones are perfectly safe for your hair.

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